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Exercise 1: Chia động từ cho các câu sau

1.I (listen) __________ to the new Tom Waits CD yet. 
2.(you see) ________________ any good films recently ? 
3.The population of India (increase) ________________ since 1992. 
4.(you ever/ write) ____________________ a love letter for Valentine’s Day ?
5.My friend (give) ___________ up smoking for 2 months. 
6.You can have that newspaper. I (finish) _________________ with it. 
7.The bill isn’t right. They(make) _______________ a mistake. 
8.There is no more cheese. I (eat) _______________ it all, I’m afraid. 
9.It’ll soon get warm in here. I (turn)  _____________ the heating on.
10.Someone ( take) _____________ my bicycle. 

Exercise 2: Chia động từ cho các câu sau

1.I (read) ____________ that novel several times before. 
2.We ( study) ____________ almost every lesson in this book so far.
3.How long( learn) _______________ English ? 
4.Steven (live) _________________ in London since 1990. 
5._____________ you (ever work) in England ? 
6.That’s the best speech I  ( ever /hear)__________________. 
7.I  ( just/ come back) _______________ home from a business trip to France. 
8.I ( not see) _______________ my relatives  for a very long time.
9.I ( not have) _______________ fish for dinner for two weeks.
10.Tracy (be) ______________ in France since 2001. 

Bài tập phân biệt hiện tại hoàn thành và quá khứ đơn.
Exercise 3:Chia động từ cho các câu sau:

1.(It/ stop)______________ raining for a while, but now it’s raining again. 
2.The town where I live is very different now. ( It/change) ____________ a lot. 
3.I studied German at school, but ( I/forget) ____________ most of it now. 
4.The police (arrest) _____________ three people, but later they let them go. 
5.What do you think of my English ? Do you think ____________ ? ( it/improve)
6.A: Are you still reading the paper.
   B: No, (I/finish) ______________ with it. You can have it. 
7.(I /apply) _______________ for a job as a tourist guide, but I wasn’t successful. 
8.Where’s my bike ? ( it/be) ______________outside the house, but it’s not there now. 
9.Quick ! We need to call an ambulance. ( there/be) ___________ an accident. 
10.Have you heard about Ben ? (he/just break) ____________ his arm. 
Exercise 4: Chia dạng của động từ

1.”What’s Madrid like ?”   “I don’t know. ( I/not/be) ___________ there. 
2.When ( I/get) ___________ home last night, (I/be) ____________ very tired and  (I/go)___________ straight to bed. 
3.(you/see) _____________ Lisa recently ?
4.I’m tired . (I/not/sleep) _______________ well last night. 
5.The bus drivers were on strike last week.
6.Mr Lee(work)______________ in a bank for 15 years. Then (he/give) ________it up.
7.Mary lives in Dublin. (She/live) ___________there all her life.
8.(you/go) ____________to the cinema last night? 
9. My grandfather (die) _______________ before I was born. ( I/never/meet)_________ him.
10.It’s nearly lunchtime, and ( I/not/see) __________ Martin all morning.
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